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Timeless (and how I decided to take a break)

Looking back I think that Timeless is a little (or not so little at 34,000 words) experiment on suspension of disbelief. I started toying with the idea, believe it or not, after watching one of the Wolverine movies. I was aiming towards some light science fiction with a touch of the unexplained, and I think it worked out as a story.

Timeless happens in an earth in which history has been slightly altered. Several historical events happened differently, which timeless_tora affected the way the world developed. For instance, even if the World War II happened, a few countries involved in reality were not the same, or the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan destroyed the whole island.

Genetics are way more advanced than in the real world because more funds were devoted to them instead of other fields of research. That is how Trek Corporation or TrekCorp (still now sure which name I am going to go with) can devote such large funds to the reconstruction of the Megalodon and the Dunkleosteus.

The unexplained factor appears from a character who just will not die – better put, he dies and then comes back to life. At first it felt, even to me, a little on the vampire kind of character, but soon he developed into someone with no angst about immortality and, what turned out even more interesting – someone with bad memory. Not bad memory itself, but someone who would forget events that happened in the past, like a regular human being would, and at the same time had a clear memory of others.

It was interesting to follow him in snippets through history – showing the slight diversions that I decided to introduce into that world.

Halfway through the story I lost quite a bit of steam, so when I went on vacations I decided to take a breather from it – and actually from writing altogether, and I came back refreshed. Even if it has taken me over five weeks to finish the story. It has really flowed from the moment I picked it up. Furthermore, my brain has been more open to ideas and characters lately, which did not happen since late last year, so I feel generally better about writing these days.


2 responses to “Timeless (and how I decided to take a break)

  1. Alexis September 22, 2014 at 01:47

    Sounds like a really interesting story! I’m glad your break helped! Sometimes we really need those.

    • Sakaki Delijah September 22, 2014 at 23:46

      thank you ❤ I am not sure, but I get the impression that everything I write lately is not that interesting and quite… on my geeky side and thus would be boring to everybody else XD