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Houritsu, writing report


Houritsu (法律, law) is yet another yakuza story, and probably the one with the hardest plot I’ve written. It follows Naizen, a member of the Sumida-kai Saitama gang as he seeks revenge for the death of his lover, who was forced to commit suicide following a blunder. He is determined to destroy the gang in vengeance.

Naizen designs a plan so he manipulates different members of the gang into working against each other. He also uses the police to attack the gang in several instances, feeding them information and staging them to raid some of the offices in due time.

Naizen counts with the help of an idealistic young yakuza, Arata, and the boss’ ambitious daughter, Eiko, who resents the male-inheritance rules. In the end, the ploy escapes his control, causing unexpected results.

I was quite impressed with how the plot developed, at least I did manage to keep a fast paced story, maybe it did come out a little too fast, and might need an extra 10,000 words on characterisation, especially on Naizen.

It was interesting to write from an omniscient narrator, as I have not done that for years, and never for such a long story. But the mission was accomplished, and I did write something that finally felt fast-paced!! That makes me happy, even if I know that revising it is going to be a lot of work.


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