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NaNoWriMo 2014: Final Report


As NaNoWriMo 2014 approaches its end (or in the first hour of December, does not really matter), I want to review the challenges I set for myself this year:

  • Challenge 1: 50,000 the first weekend.
  • Challenge 2: managing to reach another 50,000 words in the rest of the month, mankind it a total of 100,000.
  • Challenge 3: write the minimum quota of 1667 words every day and not stop half away.
  • Challenge 4: beat 2011 NaNo count.


  • Challenge 1: achieved.
  • Challenge 2: achieved.
  • Challenge 3: achieved.
  • Challenge 4: not achieved.

I could have made a sprint, I think, to unlock challenge 4, but I decided that it was not really worth it. With a lot going on in my life right now this last weekend I decided to just take it easy and write a bit in order to try and reduce the amount of stress I’ve been suffering. I just decided that adding pressure in order to write the 3,000 extra words I would require did not really pay, so I took it easy this weekend.

At first I had just taken doing the whole thing in a weekend as a half joke, but when I was halfway through Saturday, and thought that I could do it, I started pushing towards reaching the goal. Maybe it was worth it, maybe not. I can not be objective about it, because for me it was. The story kept a fast pace and that was something that made me feel great, because I had been angsting about wanting to write something fast-paced. So it worked and that was good. Houritsu does need a lot of work, but the pace holds throughout the story. Maybe it might even need a bit of slowing down, which is even better.

After finishing Houritsu, I decided to work on Shourai, which is one of my eternal projects. It is divided into four parts, so never mind that the first one is not finished, I decided ot write the second one. Leaving the first one unfinished, go me XD

This places Shourai around 100k, and with two halfwritten stories. Now the question is whether I go back to working on Secrets or not. I am considering going on with Shourai until I run out of steam and then head back to finish Secrets. After all I have as much as I did before November – scribbled notes, as I learnt my lesson last year with what happened to Kokeshi (I kinda forgot the idea throughout November)… So I think tomorrow I shall be writing Shourai again. Or maybe not, but I will probably write something.

Anyway, have some graphs of this year’s NaNo! Some of them become bigger if you click on them too XD

After the first crazy couple of days – I can not keep the rhythm up, I decided to stick to the minimum wordcount and add up on weekends so I could reach 100,000 words.



In the end, the final wordcount has been 104,522 words, an average of 3,484 words per day. Of course statistics don’t tell you much reality in this case though, considering that… yeah… almost 50% in two days…

In comparison with other years, yes, I did not reach the maximum I have done before, but it does not really matter. Here are the comparisons with other years:



You can see how 2014 might be the steadiest line, and how it was not that far away from 2011. Considering how life panned out this November, good enough.

You also may or may not have noticed that I am boycotting the Knight-slaying-the-dragon icon. Stop dragon discrimination now!!



4 responses to “NaNoWriMo 2014: Final Report

  1. Alexis December 1, 2014 at 01:06

    I saw the dragon had a medal and I thought maybe it was a nice dragon-training knight and dragon had won at something. But I agree, dragons are much cooler than knights!!