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Hyakki Yagyō Editing *insert epic music here*

As I mentioned before, one of the tricks I use with myself when I am editing is tracking changes. Stats and figures are another way I bribe myself into doing edition work.

In the case of Hyakki Yagyō, the story has been a bit more complex:

  1. The first version was written on summer 2012 after coming back from Japan the first time. My friend Efficient Times was at that moment working on a story that dealt with yōkai, and the idea settled while trying to help her figure certain things. Actually the original seed had been planted a long time ago (around 2008, maybe?), as part of a TV series an actor character was shooting. I had not been aware that it would be so strong and catching, and would root so firmly once it started.
  2. After that I wrote a couple of one shots/short stories, which added to the universe, but were only… marginal. Even The Yukionna’s Claim was nothing but a fun experiment.
  3. Second version added two chapters into the first one. both of them wanted to introduce in the story two places that I had visited and found quite magical / creepy. That was early 2014.
  4. Afterwards I ran into the problem that I had been avoiding for about a year. The story was longer. The characters had expanded past the ending of the first book. There was another book in this universe, there were storylines unresolved that needed attention. So I gave up and wrote a very schematic version, no chapters, no anything, just the raw story. And left it at that.
  5. This year, with all the written information in mind, I have tackled the goal of editing the whole thing, and somehow it is working. However, I had never imagined, not in my wildest thoughts that the Hyakki Yagyō story would grow so much – and that it would end up being so even and well-balanced, with each story arch. The increase has been around 20,000 words from version 2, 30,000 from version 1, leaving the whole thing at 81,000. Just on the first story, the devil knows how this thing will end up being when I am done with everything.


Word average averages (without epilogue):
V1: 5551,8
V2: 5577
V3: 7280,2

Total wordcount:
V1: 50708
V2: 62089
V3: 80923

I’ll keep you posted 😉


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