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Tackling the “Edo” edit

Well, here we are again. I’ve been putting off a few things lately, and blogging about writing has been one of them. Shame on me, yes, I know. Editing has been another of those things. I have been working on the short one-shots in the Hyakki Yagyō universe because I was too afraid of working on Edo. Afraid, lazy, unmotivated, call it as you wish.

But editing the whole universe is this year goal, and it is not going to fulfil itself. Thus, I set myself to the task.

The first problem with Edo was deciding on the name. The last Edo yōkai war was the one I had at first thought, but I have decided to go with The Last Yōkai War of Edo, which I started using halfway through the first draft writing.

The second problem was the almost 10,000 words written outside the draft, which had to find a way in the complete story. I think those are placed by now – even if not waved in. Along those there are random notes like “living mummy”, “more Tomori” and “explain this character”, “Tsukioka??”.

And the final problem is that I intended a short wrap-up story, and ended up with a 40,000 words draft with quite a few plotholes and contradictions with the main story. Oh boy. So I pushed it back because it was a lot of work, but as I said before it has to be done.. remember when I spoke of universe weaving and that it was fun? Let’s all forget about that (in case you had not. I kind of had).

Oh well, let’s see how this pans out, I am not too sure myself.


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