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“Untitled” is driving me up the walls

It was sometime past midnight last night when I tweeted this:

I was looking at the notes I have on “Untitled” planning and wondering what the hell was going on with my life – and my writing.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? First of all, the actual story is called “Untitled” (yes, quotation marks and all, but UT for short). The main character is a writer, who is working on several stories, one of which lacks a title. The idea was that writing this story centred the main plotline, and that he would only find the title for it towards the end of the book.

I have five chapters in writing, since around the second weekend of April – I scribbled that on the train as two gangs of teens semi-fought around me. That’s why I remember. The idea was to write the main story, add snippets of what the writer is working on, and eventually write out a couple of those stories – Hyakki Yagyō , after all, started like something alike. Six weeks later I’ve hit 25,000 words on the whole thing – 1,500 that have been discarded, and 17,000 in the main arch. The rest are one of the complete stories that the guy writes The Bizarre Case of the Puppeteer’s Mistress which… I sidetracked writing.untitled_feature

Problem number 1: The Bizarre Case of the Puppeteer’s Mistress was not supposed to be written until I was finished with the main story.
Problem number 2: The supposedly untitled story already has a name in my head, One shot kill
Problem number 3: I had five chapters planned, I am on sixth, and not even covered what was planned for chapter 3.
Problem number 4: This keeps growing.
Problem number 5: The growth itself makes the actual main point dilute away and that is starting to stress me.
Problem number 6: My usual writing time is between midnight and 2 am. I really wonder how much sense this is going to make in the end.

I’m not sure whether I should force the story back on track, or let it go wherever it wants. After what happened with The Lesser Evil, I am not sure what to do. I did not write about that one because it went absolutely weird. I had an idea, did a little bit of freewriting, and ended up with something completely different. That’s okay because it was freewriting, but I am trying to reach somewhere with “Untitled” here. So yeah.

Up the walls, I tell you.


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