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Body & Soul: To fantasy or not to fantasy…

As it happens now and again I’ve lost drive on Shourai, so I need to take a break from that. My other option / homework for this year, working on the wrap-up on Shikigami book needs some more planning (I’ve got the first act written, and the last act thought, but I need to make some serious planning for the act in-between.

So while I plan, think and consider, I write other things – sometimes Shourai, sometimes other stuff. Last month, for example, I had the ‘brilliant’ idea for a classical Goth ghost story, on The Studio. My reasoning was that since I had been writing Japanese Ghosts for so long, maybe I could give it a try to the old ghost genre. That did not work as well as I had expected, but it was an interesting take nonetheless. Unfortunately the ghost had more character than my mains so… rework is needed. The truth is that the plotbunny bit so suddenly that I did not really plan anything, just jumped into it.

These days I’ve given into an old plotbunny that is quickly developing into a mix of several ideas I’ve turned around my head before (Provisionally named Body and Soul). At the moment I’m considering developments and jigsaw-puzzling. I’m juggling four characters, but I know that the story has more of them, with greater or lesser importance. I’m thinking about switching the sex of at least one of the main characters in order to make him a she, but not sure which one –as I write these lines, however, I’m more and more clear on who, how and why though, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to rant about this.

There is another question in here and that is whether I want to sprinkle the story with a bit of fantasy or I want to keep it realistic. I want to decide about that early on, because random ‘magic’ (using the word ‘magic’ loosely) in the middle of the story would feel inconsistent, I feel. Both fantasy and non fantasy angles have their appeals, and both have their put-offs. On one hand, fantasy can explain certain events, on the other hand, it’s hard to balance fantasy when two characters work in a hospital… Science and magic, that’s strange to mix, and how to introduce the edge early on is also tricky.

Ah, decisions, decisions…

On another topic, I’m on the right track to complete this year writing goal: 366,000 words. For now. I’ve gotten Edo up to par, written a new story and gotten Terazuma’s character arc rolling. Not too bad, but I want to do some more editing this year. I’m considering Houritsu.


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