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Introduction to ScreenWriting + Body and Soul

Last week I started a FutureLearn course called Introduction to Scriptwriting. I’m busy as hell these days but I figured out that I could dedicate some time to it for the two weeks it lasted, or afterwards, or just forget about it if it was not interesting. I was surprised because I did find it quite interesting – albeit I probably need to watch more films as I could not find anything they proposed that I had watched ^^””

Although sometimes the “teaching team” seems to be just brushing and patting their egos at times, there are quite a few interesting things that they mention.

One of the things I liked was this quote: “Stories happen because somebody wants something and has trouble getting it” ( David Mamet). While it’s common enough to be (uncredited) even in TVTroopes, I came across it at a time when I was ready to toss the story I was compassing through – more about that later – and it actually helped, even if it caused an unexpected twist. The idea is simple indeed; it just summarises character + goal + conflict, but at that time it felt refreshing on what I was working on.

Then the educators propose a way to pitch or summarise a story in five parts (fingers): genre, main character, goal, problem, and theme (they call it “something important”). While I’m not convinced about the need to define the genre beforehand, as half of the time I’m not even sure of how to classify what I do, I am thinking that I can adapt the method somehow, even with my own categories – after all I write ‘yakuza’ in the NaNo page under genre most of the time. Or I can just substitute it with ‘universe’ as lately it seems that most of what I write is linked to something else.

All in all, I like the insight I’m getting from the course. I really hope it keeps up – both the second week and the future ones they claim they’ll do.

For now I can say that it did help me finish Body and Soul, though. I’ve been compass-ing my way through that since the characters bombed the timeline I had organised, and the plan went to hell, but now it’s done. The problem is that a while ago I agreed with myself to start that and while I was working on that figure where I was taking Terazuma’s character arc to incorporate into the Shikigami verse, guess what I didn’t do. Exactly. Work on Terazuma.

I’ll never change.


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