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Closing Balance 2016


Well, late, as it seems to be the custom these last years, here is the balance to how 2016 worked out, writing-wise. The main idea was writing Shourai, Hyakki Yagyō and the Shikigami verses. That… well, did not work 100% as expected:

  • Shourai: I wrote 45560 words here, and closed the story down (with a the end and everything!) but I still need to tie down a few chapters in-between. After that, the work is taking things out. As a matter of fact I have been considering taking a whole lot out and present them as short stories within the same universe. It would considerably trim down the current 322500 words.
  • Hyakki Yagyō: there are 67945 new words here and I am not even sure how they happened? I edited the Last Yōkai War of Edo, and I wrote the Seven Yōkai Wars but I had not really realised that it was this much I had worked on this! I have plans for some more, a couple of short stories, probably, both post and pre Edo.
  • Shikigami-verse: I wrote 31129 words here, and that is a bit too few, I’d say, because I really wanted to have finished off the Shikigami of Power story, which I’ve been working on for a long time, but I got stumped on point of view.
  • Parallel: is the Nano work, which clocked in at 141756 words, and probably 40000-ish words to go, albeit I’m slowly working into the ending even now in 2017. It shall need to be cut down and trimmed to take out all the unnecessary flashbacks. Some of it has already been taken out and is in the form of short stories.
  • One Shot Kill finished a story started in the Untitled universe, with 30155 words.
  • Body and Soul is a bit of a mess that I have to go back to, but might be salvageable (48177 words).
  • The Studio is a ghost story that… probably shows that I can’t write ghost stories (16269 words).
  • Yuki Matsuri is a rewrite of an old story, and I am quite happy at how it turned out in this work through. I think it is a bit more mature than what I had written he first time, and a bit more complex (18028 words).
  • There are a few independent short stories up to 7411 words. Half of them belong to the same one Stones, which is also a rewrite. I had been wanting to go back to some of those ideas, so I ended up reaching out to them when I dried out on inspiration. If I have to be completely honest, Parallel is also an old idea, reworked.
  • And finally, there’s a whooping 61122 words on blog posts and articles, especially in the other blogs, because the devil knows that they are not about writing…

The final count is 467753 words, and here is the distrbution in different graphs:




So how about 2017? As you can see I am not exactly too good at following plans, so I’m going to try and keep it simple: Shourai, Shikigami, Parallel, with a little bit of Hyakki Yagyō on the side. And edit. Because it needs to be done.



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