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Black clothes, long hair, metal glasses that go dark if the sun touches them, that’s me. During the day I am a boring teacher in training and by night I try to build a writing career for myself. I enjoy the internet because I feel free here, so I don’t self-censor my little corner of the virtual world. I have a serious problem keeping UK and US English apart.

In order to write better I try to read a lot and sometimes do book reviews, or reviews on other media. I also rant about plotbunnies and try to share a little bit of my writing in case someone somewhere wants to give it a chance.

Since I was a kid I would make up stories of my favourite TV shows (what now is called fanfiction in the great interwebs) and a few years ago a friend roped me into NaNoWriMo which spawned my biggest project till now, a six-book collection about an Osaka yakuza gang sent a few years in the future named Osaka Guardians. I’ve dabbed into other universes, writing about an ex-CIA agent in Retriever, a Glasgow (UK) centred serial-killer ploy in Victim #14 and mixing mystery and mythology in Hyakki Yagyō.

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.