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In this page I will list the excerpts or one-shots that will be popping up in the blog, at least until I can build a good, decent webpage^^


The Shikigami of Life. Osaka Guardians, book One: Prologue and chapter 1 (24 pages). November 2009 [link]
The Shikigami of Chance. Osaka Guardians, book Two: Prologue and chapter 1 (24 pages). November 2010 [link]
Retriever: Prologue to Chapter 3 (44 pages). September 2011 [link]
Victim #14 Prologue and chapter 1 (9 pages). May 2011 [link]
Hyakki Yagyo Chapter 1 (11 pages). August 2011 [link]
The Last Night of Obon (A Kyoto Tale): three pages. November 2012 [link]
Blood Moon: three pages. August 2013 [link]

One-shots and flash-fiction

Perfection [link]
All the things I do not say: Piece around “I love walking in the rain because nobody knows I am crying (Anonymous)” [link]
Is it rape if he does not care? [link]
Autumn Lullaby [link]
Walk the floor of the ocean (Freewriting exercise) [link]
The Chosen One and the Substitute [link]
The Garden [link]

© Sakaki Delijah
As I intent to sell these at some point and make a living out of them, I shall keep the copyright. Thank you for understanding!
If you (by any crazy chance) want to reproduce or promote these writings in any way, contact me via email ^^