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Finished “Dangerous Men”

I started Dangerous Men because I felt like writing something with a lot of negative emotions flaring and because, after all, comedy is the difficult thing to make. That would make drama the easy part.

Surprisingly enough, it developed from the expected one-shot into around 24,500 words. Furthermore, it has rooted into one of the existing universes, Retriever of all of them. While it makes some sense as it is one of the few stories I have placed in the USA. However, I have written USA worlds before that did not mingle into the Retriever.

The character that actually linked the universes was the most unexpected one of all, but I like how it turned out in the end.

Dangerous Men follows Jake Kaibara, a Japanese-origin, LA-based gunrunner who meets a fellow Japanese-ancestry inmate while in prison, Hideyori Alexander (who was supposed to have gotten a different name at some point, but apparently it got stuck). Kaibara falls in lust with and pulls some strings to hire him.

And that’s all I can say, I guess. The story has some sex, some violence, some bad feelings, and a grey Siberian husky who was supposed to be a cat in the first draft, I swear.