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Steam – Dioscuri and Timeless

I have noticed that recently I start a story with a lot of momentum, but that dissipates as I work on it. When I finished Dangerous men I started working on a story about two twins that found out about each other in their late twenties and their struggles when they finally met face to face. I came up with the title Dioscuri from the Roman Romulus and Remus.

For a while I was writing Dioscuri and it flowed pretty well, but then I was hit by another plot bunny. Barely a month after starting Dioscuri I was at the same time working on Timeless, which is a story about a samurai who commits suicide to please his master, only to find out that he cannot die. Well, he can die, what he can’t is remain dead.

I wrote a few snippets of Timeless, then went back to Dioscuri, started Timeless main arch, then decided to change half of it and when I wrapped Dioscuri up I turned to Timeless once again. Confused? I bet.

For the first month Timeless flowed pretty well (does this sound familiar? Thought it would). I did a ton of research and I had fun doing so. I built up on the world and developed the slightly distorted history that yielded to a world which is a lot like the real one, but still a bit different. I developed my characters and worked the story from three points of view.

And then puff. Steam gone. I have a new character in my head who suddenly seems to be absorbing more attention than the Timeless main characters. I wrote a short unrelated story on Friday and another one today, Sunday. Also for some reason I feel like picking up unfinished long stuff, such as Shorai, which is strange. The Timeless world is very vivid in my head at the moment, but the characters are not as strong right now? I am not sure and it kind of bothers me.