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Transmedia StoryTelling course – Review

I’ve recently taken I’ve recently taken a Course called `Transmedia Storytelling’ through the platform FutureLearn and I’ve been thinking for a while that I wanted to write a review. The problem was that I was not sure what to say about the course. I mean. It was not bad, and it did follow what it said it would do in the introduction page. And yet… and yet it was lacking something, and I am not sure of what. I think – after quite a bit of wondering – that it lacked the practical approach, or the case studies, which were only mentioned in the last week, where ‘successful example of transmedia’ were mentioned.

The course, by Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) , provided quite a lot of information and definitions, but I’d say it was a bit locked – it barely spoke about anything that was not cinema-based, with some mentions of video games, and books only were brought up to speak about adaptations. And yes, while the Avengers have been a massive success, they haven’t been the first example of transmedia in the world. it surprised me that even if the course was taught by a South Korean institution there was no mention to the platform jump between cartoon – real life drama – films – comic – novels etc that part of the Asian creations seem to take quite easily.

The most interesting part was the differentiation between the idea of adapting a concept to different media and creating a world that can tell different stories in different media. This is an intriguing concept.

On the other hand, it focused a lot in the ‘consumer as creator’ angle, which I am not sure I understood. I am guessing it referred to videogames, especially building ones. There was a non-committal silence regarding fanfiction, too.

The course gave me the idea, however, that the creator was relegated to someone in second place, and I don’t really agree with that. Gee, I wonder why.

All in all, I took the whole course, although I won’t buy the certificate because it’s quite expensive… But it made me want to compose music for the story I’m working on… and I have discovered music is hard…