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The year of writing outside the box indeed

gssalienAs we head off towards the ending of the year, I randomly looked back and noticed that I haven’t been updating as much as I should that this year I’ve been focusing a lot on science fiction. It all started with The Vortex, followed by The Spaceship Ghost, and I just finished Grey Shades and Shadows, which deals with grey aliens in an Earth which has developed a parallel history (the Timeless universe). So all in all, yes this seems to be the year of writing outside the box.

GSS was based on too many nights watching Stargate SG1, and follows situation in an underground UN base in Europe were a group of military personnel and civilians are trying to develop an engine which flies in the new volcanic atmosphere. They have possession of a Grey Spaceship donated by the aliens as a gesture of goodwill, as they are interested in the resources of our Solar System.

Previously I was working on Untitled, which mostly worked. The idea was to develop a write character along with the two stories he himself develops. However, in the end I only managed to develop one of those meta-stories (The Bizarre Case of the Puppeteer’s Mistress ) and gave up on the other one (One shot kill). In the end, I think it was a good choice to move on rather than forcing the idea. Untitled has been my main project this year, clocking just short of 66,000.

Another story I worked on was The Lesser Evil, which went completely out of control. One day I’ll have to revisit it.

Right now, as November approaches I’ve been thinking about NaNoWriMo and what to do this year. However, just when I had decided to rebel up and work towards the ending of Shourai when I found out starting a new project was not compulsory for NaNo anymore, so all is good.

Once NaNo is over I plan to head towards finishing the three open fronts I have – the Hyakki Yagyō universe, the Shourai one and eventually the Osaka Guardians. But there is also a part of my mind which wants to go back to an old story that needs a good overhaul but that has been rummaging through my mind again.