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The Shikigami of Chance book copy

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The Shikigami of Night: Writing Report

I originally thought of calling this post Writer’s block and writer’s roll after picking the story up following two weeks of next to nothing, but I got busy writing the story. I had two weeks of 200 words, total, followed by about a week and a half with roughly 20000 words, forgetting facts, coming back to fit forgotten bits, checking, rechecking and oh my god the end.

Well, for now. Chapter 0, in a word, sucks. Big time, too. Kazuki was sick for a whole chapter, which was unplanned. The rules to understanding an Okonogi were seeded (I will talk about them some other day, when they are completely developed). And most of all, I decided something: this was not a good idea.

I don’t mean Night itself, but the way I carried it out. I started Night in the spare NaNo10 time, after being done with The Shikigami of Chance, which means that, plot-wise, I had no clue of what the story was about. I knew lots about Kazuki, and I had a very clear idea of what he had been up to during the rest of the books (going to Tokyo The Shikigami of Life, interacting with the twins in Chance, the whole backstory of his eye in The Shikigami of Power). Thus, my great idea was to start writing what I knew he would be doing, and rewriting some scenes from his point of view, which in the end added up to about 1500 words. It was so not a good idea.

It forced me to keep to a bumpy timeline. At least it felt really bumpy to me, will have to see in the reread before the first edit if I was right or not. I had a hard time adapting the plot to everything I wanted featured, and at the same time giving the needed attention to the development of the actual main story. Oh, and to the details. To the little details that should give clues without being too damn obvious, and the blasted logic jumps which according to my proofreaders were not that logic.

Well, that was my own fault, and I write it down to remind myself that at this moment I think it was not such a great idea, because I know myself and I’m likely to do it again…

I think my favourite part of this story is the relationship between Okonogi Kazuki and Aihara Hiei. They are not lovers, not in the romantic sense of the word, but they are much more than fuckbuddies. They are a match made in… heaven? hell? Both of them have more-than-questionable morals, and the other becomes a sort-of anchor in the hectic worlds that surrounds them. I get the feeling both would die laughing if they ever got asked if they are in love with each other, because I don’t think the word love ever came into consideration. As a matter of fact, I believe neither of them has ever considered anything, they are just comfortable with each other and their non-relationship.

However, I have to admit I like Riida and his secret games a lot too…

All in all, I think the summary is: I had fun when it flowed, I felt awful when it was stuck. The first draft is 75195, and I got the feeling the count will go up. For now, my beta has made it a challenge to reach the 80000 after the first edit…