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Not-too-serious reflection on outlining, in list form

The outlining and writing progress when I actually bother to try to keep it up.

  1. Draft original main idea, on any random piece of paper.

  2. Research names, locations, annotate the original idea.
  3. Write planned outline. This usually happens in my notebook, and is colour-coded.
  4. Find a way to paste the original idea documentation into the notebook so you don’t lose it.
  5. Start writing. Fine, no problems here, move along. Open the processor and type away.

  6. Find plothole in outline. Yup, blaring and huge plothole there. Inconsistency. Also known as Korean in the Bedroom.
  7. Freak out.
  8. Come up with a way to fix the plothole.
  9. Fix plothole in writing, making details up along the way. Feel very smug for solving the problem.
  10. Make a note on outline, in another colour, of course.

  11. Keep writing. Also, keep feeling very smug because you found the error.
  12. Come up with new detail, which might be important or not.
  13. Write it.
  14. Annotate the outline.
  15. Keep writing, whether what you are writing was in the outline or not.
  16. Randomly swear at characters who do whatever they want, ignoring the outline.
  17. Annotate outline with unfolding events
  18. Realise you’re not really following the original outline, and that you are not going to remember every detail you are writing.
  19. Make a new outline to work with on the fly. This is still related to the previous one, but not really.

  20. Realise a new continuity error.
  21. Leave yourself comments in the file so you remember what you actually wrote in the outline and what comes next.

  22. Write something only vaguely related to what was planned.
  23. ????