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111,111 Words

I hit a fun number (which is mostly approximate anyway) of words written this year and I thought I’d do a small update of what I have been up to lately. I built a little graphic (click the image for bigger), but part of it is retroactive, and thus the dates vs. words per day might be a bit whoozy before February 15th, as I grabbed the creation date of the file, the final wordcount and divided accordingly. It still can give a general idea of what I’ve been doing.

I’ve talked about Kuraokami already so I won’t go into that. Tokyo Shadows and Shorai are unfinished and will be revisited in another post. Also, the red bars reading “blog” are pretty self-explanatory, I’d say.

The Yuki Onna’s Prey is a short-story follow-up to Hyakki Yagyō set ten years after the original story. While I was writing it, I had a list of yōkai I wanted to use, but I never got an idea to bring the Yuki Onna up, until this. It’s a fun short story.

Some of the short stories can be found around the blog, you can visit the “Read” page for them. This year, I have written eight short stories / flash fiction under 5000 words. It seems that I have been focusing more on medium-length plots.

Blood Moon is a yakuza story (big surprise, I know) short of 30,000 words and that I believe it should be cut at least in 10,000. The real plot length is around 18,000, but was done sort of free-writing and has lots of repetition and awful narrative. However, I believe it can become something good with the appropriate tailoring.

The Gadir Gates, which I aim to finish soon, is about 22,500 and I don’t think it will surpass 25,000-26,000 words. I started this story to write out some frustration about science [geekery]. I think the teaching side became a bit too overboard so I will have to revise that before it is readable too. After I am done, however, I plan to go back to Tokyo Shadows, fix the structure and write the two-and-a-half chapters that I need to wrap it up.

I plan to tackle The Shikigami of Blood this Novembers, let’s see how that works as it still needs a lot of work. I would also try to get somewhere with Shorai, which I’ve started about five times by now XD

ETA: Never mind. My spreadsheet was wrong XD I forgot to add up The Yuki Onna’s Prey to the final count, so the actual number is closer to 117680, and if you count the blog entries (which I don’t, I just graph them XD), the number is 122999. Unless I forgot something else…


The Garden (Short Story)

I was walking around yesterday and passed by an abandoned Psychiatric Ward. The garden was all locked and wild, with only a cat visible among the grass. It inspired this little piece, which albeit is a bit darker than the actual garden.