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“The Structural Web” – The Next MacGuiver Competition

A while ago I gave a try to a competition called ‘The Next McGuiver’ which tried to develop a TV series with a female engineering type as main character. I thought it was a good idea, and I kinda liked McGuiver growing up, so I figured ‘why not?’ I had never tried anything television, but I knew a little about the Marine Corps of Engineers, so I went for it. A few days ago the rejection email came through – and not for being expected I felt less sad, I guess.


I don’t like about the email that nobody ever even bothered to write a little code so the system read your name and you felt it personalised – especially when we are talking the engineering world. And the website is wrong – that does not give me much confidence in the professionalism of whomever is handling the whole thing.

If you are interested, here is the actual web: http://thenextmacgyver.com. Whatever ideas made it to the final, I hope a TV show comes from it, cause the rationale is cool.

Here is the stuff I came up with, and which I might develop into something different eventually: