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My board and a (quite late) mid-year update

There are a bunch of things on the board in front of my writing station, behind my computer screen. Some postcards, seals, visiting cards and the so-called Japan kit, which includes member and discount cards for several places in Tokyo, along with my passport and the commuter’s pass. There is my organ donor card, and the postcard I wrote to myself from Tokyo Tower.

There are also some notes to myself, my screen resolution for making walpapers, a fosilissed shark tooth, and a silly pictures with friends at a concert line. And things related to writing.

There is a rusty Welsh pound that I found on a dry streambed in Tokyo, and I’m waiting for it to tell me its story (not its history, which was probably a random British person throwing a coin into a body of water for luck, which they do sometimes). But there is a story there, and sometimes I look at the coin and wonder. It will come.

There is a Tengu ex machina note, just because. The term ocurred to me while working through The Last Yōkai War of Edo. It’s like the Deus ex machina, but… with tengu. I went back and corrected the whole thing, but I left the note, as a reminder.

There is also a reference to Setsubun, a Japanese festival for luck. It conjures luck and chases the oni away. But I don’t mind the oni. As a matter of fact, I like writing yōkai, so my note reads は外!も内、 福は内! Oni wa soto mo uchi! Fuku wa uchi! It means, let the oni in too, not only the good luck.

Finally there is a small note, right in my line of sight, that reminds me that in 2016 I have to focus on writing Shourai, the Hyakki Yagyō verse and the Shikigami verse. There is a tick mark next to the Hyakki Yagyō line. That is because I have worked a lot on that this year. The original idea was only writing these three verses, along with the blog articles and finishing Atlantis in January for the climate fiction contest (Atlantis did not get anywhere in there though, unfortunately). The note has little laughing signs around as I deviated from this plan…

A little over a fourth of what I’ve written this year till now has been Hyakki Yagyō. Not only the main work I had to do, also a few short stories that will need some revision to fit in to the main timeline. That makes about 66,700 words on this verse.

Shourai has taken almost 33,000 words, which does not feel that much, but it almost 13% of the written material this year and 10.5% of the written total. I’m nearly done with the arc, I’ve decided. I’ve chosen an ending point, and now I have to backtrack and fill in the gaps (and actually write the last chapter), break down chapters and so on. there is a lot of green in the planning now. But editing this is going to require a lot of effort. I’m kind of toying with the idea of finishing all the writing before the year is over… but we’ll get to how I can’t keep to decisions later…

There are around 24,000 new words on the final Shikigami book. All the main points are planned and addressed, but the small, driving story is what I’m lacking. Although the character is important and I like him bunches, it is difficult to factor his POV in to have him drive the story. I need around 25,000 words more on this book, and again, it’s difficult to juggle how, even if I do want this finished this year.

So this is what I was supposed to write this year, fiction wise. Blogging and articles are factored in, as I need to improve non-fiction writing skills. All in all, there is 61% of planned writing actually being done. The problem thus lies on the 39% that I was not supposed to have been writing, mainly Body and Soul, weird urban fantasy, The Studio, which tried to be a gothic ghost story, and One shot kill, a retake on the story my writer from Untitled was working on. These and a couple of short stories almost account for 100,000 words! And there is still NaNoWriMo to come, which probably will be something completely random decided on a whim in October anyway… At the moment I’m pushing to lock down One shot kill after it got slumped for two months and hope to be done within the month.

That’s it, I’m officially declaring 2017 an editing and rewriting year. I should have done it this year, but then on a whim I decided to go for 366,000 words in total I’m on track for that goal, too – generally with new material, except for the revision of The Last Yōkai War of Edo, which was quite a rewrite of most of it anyway.

Have some pretty graphs to look at:


aug162016_stats (1)

P.S.: I’ve taken down the Archives page, because I was not keeping up with it anyway. You may now search using tags and / or categories and I’ll make sure to keep a good tag system current.


Body & Soul: To fantasy or not to fantasy…

As it happens now and again I’ve lost drive on Shourai, so I need to take a break from that. My other option / homework for this year, working on the wrap-up on Shikigami book needs some more planning (I’ve got the first act written, and the last act thought, but I need to make some serious planning for the act in-between.

So while I plan, think and consider, I write other things – sometimes Shourai, sometimes other stuff. Last month, for example, I had the ‘brilliant’ idea for a classical Goth ghost story, on The Studio. My reasoning was that since I had been writing Japanese Ghosts for so long, maybe I could give it a try to the old ghost genre. That did not work as well as I had expected, but it was an interesting take nonetheless. Unfortunately the ghost had more character than my mains so… rework is needed. The truth is that the plotbunny bit so suddenly that I did not really plan anything, just jumped into it.

These days I’ve given into an old plotbunny that is quickly developing into a mix of several ideas I’ve turned around my head before (Provisionally named Body and Soul). At the moment I’m considering developments and jigsaw-puzzling. I’m juggling four characters, but I know that the story has more of them, with greater or lesser importance. I’m thinking about switching the sex of at least one of the main characters in order to make him a she, but not sure which one –as I write these lines, however, I’m more and more clear on who, how and why though, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to rant about this.

There is another question in here and that is whether I want to sprinkle the story with a bit of fantasy or I want to keep it realistic. I want to decide about that early on, because random ‘magic’ (using the word ‘magic’ loosely) in the middle of the story would feel inconsistent, I feel. Both fantasy and non fantasy angles have their appeals, and both have their put-offs. On one hand, fantasy can explain certain events, on the other hand, it’s hard to balance fantasy when two characters work in a hospital… Science and magic, that’s strange to mix, and how to introduce the edge early on is also tricky.

Ah, decisions, decisions…

On another topic, I’m on the right track to complete this year writing goal: 366,000 words. For now. I’ve gotten Edo up to par, written a new story and gotten Terazuma’s character arc rolling. Not too bad, but I want to do some more editing this year. I’m considering Houritsu.